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These are the workshops we’ve developed to help design teams improve their 'C-skills': collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Interested in us training your team? Contact us.

Image for Ask The Sherwins by  Ryan Johnson

Image for Ask The Sherwins by Ryan Johnson

Turning People into Teams: Rituals and Routines for Better Team Collaboration

How do you conduct collaborative work more effectively with groups on projects? In this one- to two-day workshop, individual team members will receive hands-on practice in leading team activities that will help them start, advance, and wrap up projects of any shape and size. At the end of this training, individual team members will receive a toolkit with activities they can customize and use with their teams. This training builds on what’s in our book Turning People into Teams.

Workshop Design for Cross-Functional Teams (a.k.a. “Workshop Workshop”)

Learn how to plan effective workshops that involve the participation of cross-functional stakeholders. This one-day workshop shares a methodology for planning workshops called “backwards design,” as well as hands-on demos of techniques for idea generation and rigorous team decision-making. By the end of this training, each participant will have created a draft outline of a workshop related to their current work priorities.

Designing with Assumptions and Hypotheses

Great products solve problems for people in a focused manner. Well-formed assumptions and hypotheses help designers prioritize and focus their design efforts, so when they generate and test their ideas with people, they increase the likelihood that an aspect of that problem has been solved by their product. In this hands-on workshop, designers will practice the craft of generating assumptions and hypotheses for different types of design work. By the end of this training, team members will be more confident in articulating their design assumptions and forming experiments to test those assumptions in action.

How to Make Better Decisions as a Team

When working with teams, designers make thousands of decisions over the life of a project, both large and small. All too often, designers and their teams suffer because it’s not exactly clear how those decisions get made, and when to best involve teams in the design process. In this hands-on training, you’ll practice road-tested approaches for how designers and their teams can make better decisions together at critical moments through the product development process. This training builds on what’s in our book Turning People into Teams.

Futurecasting for Product Design

Futurecasting is a structured approach for exploring what products may be required in the far future (10+ years). In this design workshop, you'll work in small teams to practice the use of futurecasting tools such as signal projection and far-future scenarios. By the end of this training, each participant will understand when and how to use futurecasting as a designer, and what activities they can use with their teams to gain visibility into disruptive trends and identify new areas of opportunity.

Feedback & Critique: A Hands-On Workshop

This workshop is focused on helping team members better deliver and receive critique and feedback on their design work, especially when soliciting feedback from cross-functional team members and stakeholders. By the end of this workshop, team members will have practiced delivering and receiving feedback in two “realistic” role-play situations, and tried out structured critique in small-group situations.

Effective Brainstorming for Cross-Functional Teams

When working with a team, what’s the best way to structure and lead brainstorming activities? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use problem framing, timeboxing, ideation questions, and lateral thinking techniques to maximize the number of ideas you can generate with your teams. By the end of this workshop, team members will have practiced the above techniques through a sacrificial project, and identified where to best utilize them in your organization’s workflow. This workshop draws from the techniques in our bestselling book Creative Workshop.

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