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Bringing People into Your Design Process through Participatory Design

Now more than ever, organizations are looking for better ways to rapidly incorporate customer perspectives into their product design decisions. One way to do this is by using participatory design activities with your customers. These activities help designers better identify people’s needs, then generate and evaluate a range of design ideas. This can happen in a playful, fun way that helps product teams rapidly evaluate design hypotheses without having to formally build products and features. 

For many practitioners, however, understanding how to use of participatory design activities in an Agile/Lean UX world can seem complicated. This practical talk will help designers understand what types of participatory design activities they can use in their projects and sprints, and how they are best deployed to support the product development process.

This talk is being co-delivered by David and Erin Muntzert, who is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google. It's part of a free online conference provided by UX Pin.